As an elite athlete you clearly understand what it takes to reach your goal and succeed at the highest level. Your dedication, commitment and perseverance has earned you significant success in Olympic, Paralympic, collegiate or professional sports. You have won the right to perform in the ultimate competition. You truly made it!

But then it’s gone.
The games are over. The season has ended. The media has moved on, and suddenly you are retired from sport. It’s at that moment you face the question that has been quietly haunting you your entire athletic career…

What do I do now???
This is the harsh reality that most elite athletes inevitably face. And although you’ve always succeeded before, this time the field of play has changed. You’ve had little to no coaching, training, or practice. And now you are at a distinct disadvantage to your competition.

It does not have to be this way.
If you are currently in your elite athletic career, you can avoid this situation if you take a holistic approach to your training now—an approach that includes your career path development.

If you find yourself in the middle of the transition challenge, you can get the support and training you need to bridge that gap and begin a successful business career.

Hire Elite Athletes harnesses the qualities that allowed you to succeed in athletics, contextualizes them for the business world, and provides you with the training and opportunities you need to turn those qualities into a successful business career.

When you’re ready to prepare for the transition from elite sport to business career, talk to us.

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Establish a culture that values athlete career development as a performance enhancer, enabling successful athlete transition from elite sport to business career when the time is right. This unique offering for athletes will enhance their sport performance, mitigate the difficulties associated with the transition away from elite sport, and provide them with guidance and tools that will enhance their lives and the lives of their families forever.