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Inspire your team, elevate your brand image, enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility program and have a significant cultural impact all while positively impacting your bottom line. It’s possible when you mentor, hire and leverage members of a unique high-performance talent pool—elite athletes.

Olympic, Paralympic, collegiate and professional athletes embody traits and characteristics that make them ideal candidates for business success. They are ambitious, dedicated, determined, take direction well, and persevere in challenging situations. They are inspiring leaders with unique public roles that can provide meaningful platforms for organizations.

Hire Elite Athletes not only has access to this pool of elite athletes, but also a unique, first-hand understanding of them. Hire Elite Athletes harnesses the qualities that allowed these athletes to succeed in sport, contextualizes them for the business world, and provides them with the training and opportunities they need to turn those qualities into business success.

They performed at elite levels for their coaches, their teams, their schools and their country.

Look at what they’ve accomplished already. Now imagine what they can do for you.

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Corporate Partner Mission

We are providing select organizations access to a unique high-performance talent pool of individuals who have competed in elite level athletics, including Olympic, Paralympic, collegiate and professional sports. This platform will allow organizations an opportunity to hire, mentor, leverage, inspire and be inspired by these individuals. By maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of all stakeholders, world-class results can be achieved.