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“We as athletes feel overwhelmed about our transition and where to turn. The reality is that most athletes only think about a career after sports; faintly while they are playing….The problem with being an Olympic athlete is you finish your career after 10 years and you look back at your resume and see no work experience and you are in your 30′s, now what?.”


Gabe Gardner
Two-time USA Volleyball Olympian and Gold Medalist
Stanford Graduate


“When hiring sales professionals we look for candidates that are competitive, have a strong disciplined work ethic, persevere in the face of set-backs, aren’t afraid of failure, love to win and hate to lose. They are team players, self motivated and driven to succeed. Finding candidates with all of these attributes is very difficult.”


David Bemoras
Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
Wesco International

There’s a dynamic group of individuals out there that embodies the qualities and characteristics that make them prime candidates for professional success. This is a group that can be difficult to access, but Hire Elite Athletes can and does.

After years of competing in elite athletics, it can be extremely challenging to find the training, mentoring and connections necessary to successfully compete in the professional world. Hire Elite Athletes answers those challenges with support tailored for the unique traits of an elite athlete, and partnerships with leading corporations.

Hire Elite Athletes answers the distinct challenges of both elite athletes and elite businesses with a holistic program that tackles a cultural challenge while delivering solid business benefits that go way beyond the bottom line.

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